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QixSuite has a number of commonly used website functionalities built into one tool! These functionalities are divided into modules. We have an articles, blog, calendar, and many more!

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QixSuite utilizes an ultra-flexible tag system. This tag system allows QixSuite to be plugged right into any design! If you can dream it QixSuite can provide the backend content management for it!

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Don't reinvent the wheel! The experts at Captavi have done hundreds of installtions. We are always compiling a list of interesting scenarios. Learn from our experence!

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What is the Captavi Platform?

The Captavi Platform - One Tool to Rule - provides a fully integrated set of website modules, that includes:

  • Web Content Management System (CMS) with a Draft Mode Editor
  • Dynamic Content Delivery for the Web and Mobile Devices (Responsive Content)
  • Contact Database with Built-In Query Tools
  • Event Registration and Attendee Management System
  • Calendar Tool
  • WYSIWYG Email Marketing
  • Articles, Press Release / News, and Blogs with Feed Widgets Pre-Built
  • Photo Gallery
  • Built-In Organic SEO Management Tools and Social Media
  • Access levels Come Pre-Configured to Ensure Just the Right Amount of Power and Control

Captavi QixSuite is designed to be deployed rapidly. No need to learn a template language. QixSuite was built with developers in mind. It will integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow.

The logical design of the admin system empowers marketers. Access Levels ensure that employees of all skill sets can perform their required tasks autonomously. Our software development philosophy is that IT should not have to focus on marketing! From the content editor and page creator, to the calendar and press release manager function, the ease and quickness of getting fresh content onto the website and mobile site has always been our driving force.